Back in the early 20th century, the suraces were shaded, with a variety of colours. The appeal of traditional craftsmanship techniques with imperfections in the glazes –as a result of unstable temperatures – reflected in a porcelain stoneware with a genuine character, obtained using leading edge ceramic technologies.


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The new Cubics covering reproduces on porcelain stoneware stone cubics on three levels that create different perceptions of depth and create a rhythm on the wall with a pleasant natural effect. Cubics boasts an amazing mimic loyalty and tactile and powerful material rendering. Evocative for the living area, original for the bathroom and the perfect mix of elegance and innovation for public spaces like spas or stores: Cubics is very versatile and can adapt to any style, need and application.

Wall Art

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Spectacular and captivating, characterised by small wooden cubes on wood-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces. Created on three different levels, the final product is incredibly faithful to the original and perfectly imitates the look and feel of the material. The end result is a vibrant overall effect, rhythmic and playful, ready to cover the most diverse destinations of use with designs and styles. Whether for the bedroom, living area, shower or pool area, Wall Art is the ideal technical and stylistic choice for those who love beautiful and unconventional coverings, for indoors or outdoors.