Top 10 Tile Layout Patterns You Need To Know

Date Published: 2 December 2021

One of the most exciting things about tiles is the many different ways that they can be installed.  The same tile can create a very different result when you turn it 90 or 45 degrees!

There are so many different tile layout patterns that it can be hard to know where to start.  Below we've put together some of the most popular ways that you can install your tiles.

But first of all when buying tiles there are two very important things to remember:

1).  Always buy a bit more tiles than you need.  We recommend an extra 5%.  This is to cover for breakages and other mistakes that may be made when you're installing them.  It's always handy to keep some tiles in case something happens in the future.

2).  Make sure that the tiles that you're buying have the same batch number.  When tiles are manufactured there might be very slight differences in the amount of pigment added during the manufacturing process.  So while the tiles will be the same, there may be very slight (but noticeable) differences in the colour of tiles from a particular batch.  This is why it's vital to ensure that you're buying tiles from the same batch number.  When you purchase from Halo Tiles & Bathrooms (either online or in-store) we will ensure that you are getting tiles from the same batch number.


Running Bond

Running Bond is probably the most popular way of laying a rectangular tile, recreating a clean and classic look.  This pattern is created with rectangular tiles installed at a 50% offset.

Black Metro Tiles in Running Bond Style

Tile (Bissel 10cm x 20cm)

English Bond

English Bond is similar to Running Bond but is created using a mix of rectangular and square tiles. 

Splendours white wall tiles laid in English Bond style

 Tile (Splendours 7.5cm x 15cm and 15cm x 15cm)


In this pattern each tile is offset from the one above it by a third.  Here the tiles are installed in a Vertical Offset pattern which makes a wall feel taller - perfect for creating the feeling of space! 

Red tiles laid with vertical offset styleTile (Stromboli 9.2cm x 36.8cm)

Vertical Running Bond

The Vertical Running Bond is similar to the standard Running Bond, just here the tiles are installed with a 50% offset vertically instead of horizontally.  This is a great pattern to use in smaller spaces as eyes are drawn to the vertical design, which makes the walls seem taller and creates the feeling of space.

White subway tiles in bathroom laid in Vertical Bond styleTile (Country 6.5cm x 20cm)


This layout is the basic grid pattern where tiles are laid one on top of the other.  This simple linear design leads to a modern, clean and unfussy look.

Green square tiles on kitchen splashbackTile (Artisan 13.2cm x 13.2cm)


The Herringbone pattern is created by using rectangular tiles installed at 45 degrees.  Looks great on both walls and floors, and by using a contrasting grout you can create a really unique look.

white herringbone tiles on bathroom wallTile (Miniworx Herringbone)


Chevron is similar to herringbone, except the tiles meet at a 45 degree mitred joint.  Unless your tiles are specifically this shape the ends will have to be cut to 45 degrees - tiles like the Chevron range are this shape to start with - making the tile job a lot easier!

Black chevron wall tiles on kitchen wallTile (Chevron - Special Order)

Basket Weave

Basket Weave is an interesting pattern, created by laying tiles horizontally to form a square, then laying tiles vertically to form another square.  The horizontal and vertical tiles then alternate on the following rows - looking just like weaving.

Yellow subway tiles laid in basket weave pattern
Tile (Limit - Special Order)


Diagonal is similar to the Running Bond pattern except the tiles are turned 45 degrees.  

Splendours tiles laid in diagonal patternTile (Splendours 7.5cm x 15cm)


Modular patterns are formed by using a mix of square and rectangular tiles to create unique and interesting designs. There are different kinds of patterns that you can create, depending on the size and shape of the tiles that you use.  Our Terre D'Otranto and Miniworx ranges have been specially created to allow you to achieve modular designs. 

Modular kitchen floor tiles

Tiles (Terre D'Otranto - Available in-store only)

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