Heywood Bespoke Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring on display in Halo Tiles Wexford

Heywood is a brand known for its high quality, beautiful hardwood flooring.

Here are Halo Tiles & Bathrooms we are suppliers of Heywood Bespoke Hardwood Flooring.  This Dutch brand is internationally renowned for high quality products that have been created by a team of skilled craftsmen.  We have a wide range of Heywood Flooring and Wall Coverings on display in our Flagship Showroom in Camolin, Co. Wexford.  

Hardwood Collections

Elegant blonde hardwood flooring in living area

Heywood allows you to order your floor in the colour, grade and size of your preference with just some exclusions.  Wood species available include American Walnut, American White Oak, American White Ash, American Cherry, Canadian Maple, Douglas Fir, Wengé, Afzelia Doussie, Afromosia, Jatoba, Merbau, Sucupira, Teak, Kambala / Iroko and Curupixa.

Old Reclaimed Wood

Herringbone Hardwood Flooring in Living Room

Heywood also offer a range of Reclaimed Wood.  Oak that ranges from 80-200 years old and 80 year old Barnwood with powerful, natural colour variations and a patina which has been weathered and dried by centuries of exposure to the elements.  This wood is particularly suitable for unqiue flooring or contemporary wall covering.


Hardwood Flooring on staircase

The Heywood Bespoke service allows you to specify grading, surface structure, colour and size, enabling you to create a flooring with the look that best fits your desired interior style.

Heywood Treatments

 Bevelled treatment for hardword flooring Bevelled As a standard, all Heywood engineered wooden Plank floors are supplied with a bevel on the long sides
Sanding treatment for wood flooring Sanding A wooden floor which has only been sanded and (colour) oiled will have a somewhat more uniform colour tone after oiling. The grain in the wood will be less accentuated compared to a brushed floor. Should you wish to order a wooden floor with a distressed aged surface, then a sanded floor is a good choice
Brushed treatment for wood flooring Brushed By brushing the wood will get a surface structure that will accentuate the natural grain in the wood.  If you choose to include an oil, the chosen colour of the oil will concentrate in and accentuate the natural structure of the wood grain. Depending on which colour oil is chosen this effect is also called 'white washed' (limed), 'black washed', or more generally 'colour washed'. 
Planed surface look on wood flooring Planed Surface Look Colour oiling in combination with this technique will accentuate the woodgrain and will give the hard wood between the woodgrain a deeper, richer appearance
Chisel planned looking wood flooring Chisled Planed Look This technique of planing the surface of the wood with chisels will accentuate the natural occurring woodgrain and knot features. It will give the surface of the wood, especially around the knots and cracks, a very natural look which makes your floor stand out as a truly natural product.  It will also give your floor a deeper, richer appearance once oiled. 
Saw marks on wood flooring Saw Marks Saw marks in the surface of your wooden floor give the floor a very specific look, creating a warm atmosphere which can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Boards with saw marks are also often being used as decorative wall panel in modern, contemporary and vintage style interiors.
Smoked effect on hardwood flooring Smoked By smoking the wood the overall colour tone becomes darker. This effect is stronger with the double smoked treatment which will give the overall look of the floor a deeper dark colour. Obviously there will be a beautiful natural colour variation between the individual boards, since not every board will react in the same way to the smoking treatment. For this reason a non-smoked floor, will mostly be more uniform in colour than a smoked floor.
Stained wood flooring Staining By staining your oak floor you can reach a uniform base colour after which the floor can be oiled for final finishing. A stained floor is more uniform in colourtone compared to a smoked floor which usually shows more variety in colour.
Oiled wood flooring Oiling Most wooden floors produced by Heywood will be finished with a finishing coat of hardwax oil.  You can choose between a 1 coat system, or a 2 coat system like OSMO. 
Colour washed wood effect Colour Washed By brushing the floorboards the wood gets a surface structure which will accentuate the natural grain in the wood. When a brushed floor is also colour oiled, the chosen colour will concentrate in and accentuate the natural structure of the woodgrain. Depending on the colour chosen this effect is also called 'white washed' (limed), 'black washed', or more generally 'colour washed'.
Lacquered wood flooring Lacquered  Apart from Hardwax Oil Finishing, Heywood also offers the option for a lacquered floor finish. You can choose between: 1) Matt Lacquer, 2) Satin Laquer, or 3) Gloss Lacquer.