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Mutina tiles are derived from collaboration among top designers from all over the world, bringing their ideas and creativity to the world of ceramic tiles. The collection is the result of unique textures, colors, and bold designs. The tiles are high quality with inspiration drawn from architectural and design elements.

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Mews is a porcelain tile range inspired by London’s landscape, history and personality and the vast variety of textures in the infrastructure: bricks, wooden floors and irregular geometric patterns. Each colour has 15 subtly different shades to add depth and interest.

9 Colours | 1 Finish | 4 Sizes

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Rombini is an innovative range which uses squares, triangles and diamonds to help create unique and vast applications. Comprised of mosaics and 3D elements including double-charged porcelain stoneware and glazed ceramic.

10 Colours | 3 Finishes | 4 Mosaics

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Pico defines a mix between regular and irregular textures, in four surface patterns: Down, with sunken dots; Up, with elevated dots; Down Blue Dots and Down Red Dots add depth to this range making it dynamic and versatile.

6 Colours | 1 Finish | 3 Sizes

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Punto is a 3D decorative element that can only be used on walls. Characterised by big sunken dots (Down) or elevated dots (Up), Punto is best used on large surfaces. Depending on how light hits the surfaces, they create unexpected chiaroscuro effects that enliven interiors.

10 Colours | 2 Finishes | 1 Mosaic

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Puzzle is a graphic patterned tile range featuring bold geometric forms. Created by British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for global leading Italian manufacturer Mutina, Puzzle consists of five colour families named after different European islands. The neutral colours represent the Northern Isles of Aland, Anglesey and Skye, while the warmer, brighter shades are associated with the Mediterranean Islands of Creta and Murano.

10 Colours | 1 Finish | 1 Size | 2 Décors

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A range of unglazed homogenous porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by the nature of cement, designed by the world-renowned Spanish designer, Patricia Urquiola. Available in five neutral and grey colour options. This range includes large-format tiles in both rectangular and hexagonal shapes plus hexagon mosaic options.

5 Colours | 1 Finish | 3 Sizes | 5 Décors

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