La Pietra Compattata

Date Published: 17 April 2024

As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to learn about the environmentally conscious and innovative La Pietra Compattata. We are proud to be an exclusive Irish stockist for this eco-friendly brand that is paving the way for environmentally responsible design and innovative manufacturing.

About La Pietra Compattata

La Pietra Compattata has its roots in the countryside of Modena, Italy and is synonymous with a respect for nature. The project was born from the idea of creating a product that displays the features of natural stone combined with the durability and strength of materials suitable for outdoor use. Dedicated to environmental sustainability, the company creates surfaces from natural stone while respecting the environment and ecological balance.

The Process

La Pietra Compattata’s production involves wet pressing using recycled water and natural hardening, eliminating the need for the traditional gas-fired kiln. This innovative and sustainable approach ensures that no CO2 emissions or pollutants are generated in the process. The ecological solution pursued by the company is completed with the exclusive use of recycled materials.

The Materials

The mixture is made of a selection of natural raw materials such as porphyry, quartz, and granites which are recovered from the processing of stones in Italian quarries. This mixture is subsequently ground into an original dough and compacted by processing. Every part of the process has been environmentally-consciously designed, down to the recycled and recyclable packaging. Innovation and attention to the environment are without doubt two of the strongholds at La Pietra Compattata, and they are dedicated to pursuing these avenues further through continuous technological research.


La Pietra Compattata’s eco-friendly stronghold can also be found within the wide range of applications of their products. Suitable for use both inside and out, the vast array of designs offer a world of possibilities for designers in both residential and commercial spaces. These innovative ranges are slip-resistant, salt-resistant, high-compression resistant, waterproof, and are easy to clean and maintain. The material requires no special maintenance except the exclusive use of neutral detergents for ordinary cleaning.


La Pietra Compattata offers 9 stunning collections comprised of a wide range of colours and designs.

  • Cromie
  • Pietre
  • Formae
  • Ri_Tagli
  • Pigmento
  • Zdora
  • Gessetti
  • Trame
  • Pietra Sartoriale
We are proud to be the exclusive Irish stockist for La Pietra Compattata here at Halo Tiles & Bathrooms. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with our team. Email

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