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Cromie by La Pietra Compattata is an eco-friendly and sustainable tile range made using natural recycled materials from Italian quarries using a cold-pressing technique that generates zero CO2 emissions or pollutants in the process.

Available Options:
20 Colours | 2 Thicknesses | 2 Finishes | 18 Sizes
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Cromie by La Pietra Compattata is a colourful and eco-friendly tile range comprised of natural recycled materials. The by-products from Italy’s quarries are cold pressed into tiles, producing a uniquely textured, low-embodied energy material—sealed for ease of cleaning.

20 Colours
Available in a wide variety of colours and shades.
2 Thicknesses
15mm - for use on walls & indoor floors
22mm - suitable for outside flooring
2 Finishes
Compact - Natural finish
Consolare - Tumbled finish
18 Sizes
Available in a variety of sizes

About La Pietra Compattata
La Pietra Compattata has its roots in the countryside of Modena, Italy and is synonymous with a respect for nature. The project was born from the idea of creating a product that displays the features of natural stone combined with the durability and strength of materials suitable for outdoor use. Dedicated to environmental sustainability, the company creates surfaces from natural stone while respecting the environment and ecological balance.

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