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Robusto Plank Rip Oak Nature 12mm Laminate Flooring

Robusto Plank Rip Oak Nature 12mm Laminate Flooring

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If load-bearing capacity is a priority when choosing your flooring, Robusto laminate flooring is a great choice.


With a high-density, 12-millimetre-thick carrier plate and the Clic system, which was developed for peak loads, Robusto stands for maximum resistance.   Robusto is a floor on which you can make a lot of demands without any problems and which retains its original beauty for many years even when used commercially.




Construction:  Laminate Flooring

Colour:  Beige, Brown

Thickness:  12mm

Width:  188mm

Length:  1375mm


Pack Size:  1.293m2

Abrasion Class (AC Rating):  AC5

Design Patter:  Plank 1-Strip

Compatible Flooring Trim:  P7 Beige Oak


Installation Type:  5G Click System

Base Material:  High Density Fibreboard


Surface Finish:  MX (Matrix)

Underfloor Heating:  Yes (Water based systems only)