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Portrush Close Coupled WC

Portrush Close Coupled WC

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The Portrush Close Coupled WC is a modern toilet suite that combines a toilet pan and cistern into a single unit. This space-saving design is ideal for bathrooms where floor space is limited.

Here are some key features of the Portrush Close Coupled WC:

  • Close Coupled Design: As mentioned earlier, this design combines the cistern and pan into a single unit for a more compact footprint.
  • Soft Close Seat: Many models come with a soft close seat feature, which prevents the toilet seat from slamming shut, adding a touch of luxury and preventing noise.
  • Simplicity and Modern Lines: The Portrush Close Coupled WC boasts clean lines and a modern design that can complement a variety of bathroom styles.
  • Rim Options: Depending on the retailer, you might find the Portrush Close Coupled WC in two variations: a traditional rimmed version, or a rimless version for easier cleaning.


INV03 - Pan

INV02 - Cistern

INV05 - Seat & Cover